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Tree Trimming

The Art and Science of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is more complex than most people think. It's both art and science. On the art side, a proper tree trimming makes the tree aesthetically pleasing by removing any dead wood and shaping the branches so that the tree complements and balances the landscape. On the science side, tree trimming requires a knowledge of tree biology. A tree trimmer must be able to recognize the flaws in the various tree species so he can remove the compromised parts without interfering with the tree's growth.

Trimming a tree is the best thing you can do for it. Not only does it remove dead branches, it improves structure and promotes healthy new growth. But it's not just knowing how to trim a tree, it's also about knowing when to trim and which tree trimming technique is called for, Tree trimming in Lloydminster is best done between late fall and early spring when trees are dormant. Not only is it faster and neater since there are no leaves to deal with, but it helps with disease control.

As for the different tree trimming techniques, the four main ones are

  • thinning which removes limbs clear back to the main branch from which they originate. Thinning is done to let more light shine through the canopy.

  • reduction, which reduces height by shortening branches and is usually done when the tree is impinging on overhead power lines,

  • cleaning which clears out dead branches as well as those that are damaged or diseased.

  • structural pruning which may use any or all of the above techniques for the purpose of strengthening the structure of the tree.

Known as a premier tree services contractor, we provide our many clients not only with tree trimming in Lloydminster but also tree removal, log splitting, stump grinding, and grass cutting.

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