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Stump Grinding

The Difference Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Trees are removed for many reasons, but whether they were damaged or diseased, were becoming a safety hazard, or were too close to the house or driveway, they have one thing in common. When they're gone they leave behind a stump and the tree's roots. At this point most homeowners want it removed but they're not sure if they want to turn to stump grinding or stump removal. And some think they are the same thing.

Both processes remove an eyesore from property, but one entails much more than the other. That labor intensive service is stump removal. It not only entails pulling the stump out of the ground, but also all the roots. And this requires not only adequate manpower, but a bobcat or similar type of equipment. By definition, a tree stump is the base of the tree that has been removed, so it has roots that may spread throughout the yard, Digging up these roots along with the stump can make a mess out of a good portion of the property.

Stump grinding on the other hand is exactly what its name says it is. Not only does it take less time but it uses less equipment. When we provide stump grinding in Lloydminster, all we need is a stump grinder to grind down the stump until no trunk remains and in some cases, shave down the roots that poke up above the ground so that they cannot sprout new growth. What roots remain decompose over time. When it comes time to decide, most of our customers chose stump grinding in Lloydminster.

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